Pack Expo 2023

Alliance Plast & Orics: Your Packaging Solutions Partners


Who We Are: 

Our team includes dedicated Marketing and Communication Managers, Sales Administrators, Digital Marketing Specialists, Customer Service Representatives, Financial Controllers, and more.


Our Mission: 

Alliance Plast manufactures packaging materials, cups, trays, lidding films, caps, and labeling systems, primarily for the food industry.

Orics specializes in custom-built automatic packaging machinery for various industries including food/beverages, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, households, and hardware.

  • Our experienced experts cater to your specific industry needs.
  • We collaborate directly with customers and suppliers to engineer affordable, high-quality solutions.
  • We provide not just equipment, but also technology and experience to enhance your profitability.



Our Business Objectives: 

  • We offer technologically advanced custom food packaging machinery and materials.
  • Our solutions enhance and expand packaging lines, addressing the demands of the prepared food industry.
  • Alliance Plast’s products complement Orics’ equipment, forming a comprehensive packaging solution.
  • Our partnership strengthens brands, increases equipment install base, and fosters innovation.


Benefits of Partnering with Us:

  • Strengthened brand presence and recognition.
  • Comprehensive solutions promoted by our sales and service teams.
  • Equipment install base growth through flexible buy/lease programs.
  • Development of new equipment/packages to meet market demands.
  • Quality leads generated through joint trade shows and exhibitions.
  • Increased sales and revenue with improved customer loyalty.
  • Enhanced bottom line results.
  • Versatility to develop machinery and packages for diverse industries.


Why Choose Us:

  • Over 30 years of industry expertise with countless successful installations.
  • In-house engineering and manufacturing, including metal fabrication and electronic capabilities.
  • Our sales force combines engineering and service expertise for unmatched knowledge.
  • Cutting-edge technology implementation for superior results.
  • Widest variety of Tray/Cup Sealers to meet market demands.
  • Advanced M.A.P. Technology for enhanced product freshness.
  • Diverse equipment portfolio to supplement packaging lines.


Join us at the exhibition to discover how our partnership can revolutionize your packaging needs.

For more information, contact our dedicated team:

Direct: +130 26131539

Facebook: @Allianceplasteu



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