With our in-mould labelling, cut imprinted plastic films, also known as labels, are placed to precisely fit into the injection mould by means of a handling unit. The labels are fixed in place through application of vacuum or static electricity charge, and then rear injected with plastic material. Heat and pressure are applied to melt the substrate film, which is precisely adjusted to the plastic material, with the melt introduced to form the final product in the filling and holding cycles. In many instances, this technology is used in combination with stacking moulds for increased output while maintaining reproducibility and quality at the same levels.

The in-mold labeling (IML) enables design flexibility, enhances the product appearance, reduces the investment of secondary operations, increases productivity, and is beneficial to the environment.

Advantages Include:

• Superior brand recognition with photographic, visually impressive graphics.
• Wrap-around labels creating unique shapes and designs of the final product.s
• Elimination of the cost of secondary labeling and decorating operations.
• EVOH barrier minimizing transmission of oxygen into the container and extending shelf life.
• Durable surfacing eliminating peeling or curling of the labels caused during transportation.
• Maximizing brand visibility by utilizing the space on plastic part on all sides and bottom.
• Reduction of label inventory at customer’s site.
• Thin wall plastic part reducing the amount of resin used and shipping cost.
• Easy design variations by changing graphics, such as different flavors, in the same run.
• Premium printing capability allows high resolution to achieve the extreme of eight PMS color-like result.
• Flexibility and resistance to humidity, heat, cooling, deep freezing and microwaving.





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